Evolution for the Christian…

Above is a video of Dr. William Lane Craig discussing the Biblical perspective on evolution.  This is a topic of great sensitivity for many Christians as many Christians are committed to a literal interpretation of the creation account found in Genesis.  However, are we Biblically obligated to a six day creation?  Is there a set interpretation of Genesis that would obligate all Christians to believe in a six day creation?  There are many Christians that believe in a six day creation however this view isn’t supported with modern day science.  From an exegetical stance, we find that there isn’t any verbiage within Genesis or elsewhere that would indicate to its readers that the creation was literally completed by God in six 24 hour days.  God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, and our minds.  As Christians, it is important to be open to where the evidence leads us without fear that it will contradict our Lord.  Christians should welcome all scientific evidence because it will ultimately reinforce our belief in God.

In this video, Dr. Craig highlights the improbability of Darwinian evolutionary theory as it accounts for the massive complexity of biology.  Dr. Craig states that, “If evolution did occur on this planet, it was literally a miracle, and therefore evidence for the existence of God”.  As Christians, we should feel secure in following the evidence where it leads us.  As for atheists, evolution is “the only game in town” because they have no other explanation to account for the origination of living organisms on this planet.  As it stands today in modern biology, it is still a mystery as to how the first single-cell organism originated.  The atheist has to justify how being came from non-being in the biological sense as well as the cosmological sense.  In all matters of origin (whether we speak of organisms or the universe), the atheist is placing faith that science will one day justify how things such as living beings and universes come into existence without causation.  Now…that is blind faith. 


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