The Quest to Save Pastor Abedini

To set aside Christian apologetics for a moment, I would like to bring attention to a courageous man named Saeed Abedini. Saeed is a Christian pastor who was captured in Iran for preaching the Word of Jesus Christ. Simply for being a Christian and spreading the Word of God, the Iranian government locked him in prison and has been brutalizing him to renounce his faith in the Lord. What is truly inspiring through the midst of this terrible tragedy, Pastor Saeed has written inspiring messages to his wife about the love he has for Christ despite his unfortunate circumstances.

Unfortunately, the State Department has made no efforts to persuade the Iranian government to release Pastor Saeed back to his country and his family. While the government fails to intervene, the liberal mainstream media has given minimal news coverage that would address the enormity of this extremely important human rights and equality issue. As the general American influence at a government and media level fail to address this issue, Pastor Saeed struggles to remain alive in an extremely hostile prison. This issue is in need of exposure on a major public scale to increase awareness and our concerns must be communicated to our government, which is the only influence possible that can save Pastor Saeed from his unwarranted imprisonment.

Below, I have attached a link to the petition to save Pastor Saeed. Let us do all we can to free our brother in Christ from the shackles of the tyrannical Iranian government.


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