Being Ignorant about Nothing?

I’ve seen this video (above) circling the Facebook Christian apologetic community so I thought I’d make a quick comment on it. One of the particular motivations for commenting on it is because it is absolutely ridiculous, especially because the absurdity is derived from the “top world thinker”, as bestowed upon him by Prospect Magazine in 2013 .

While it isn’t surprising that Dawkins would take such a position, regardless, it is intellectually incomprehensible that a prominent scholar would completely overlook the fallacious definition of “nothing” that he currently subscribes to in order to maintain his atheistic worldview. As it is clear, his inconsistent approach to defining “nothing” as “something” is clearly a trick of semantics that Dr. Lawrence Krauss has convinced him of. Otherwise, Dawkins would have the potential to see what the rest of us are already seeing. Which is “nothing” means “no thing”. William Lane Craig summarizes this absurdity beautifully when he humorously says, “I ate nothing for breakfast this morning and it tasted great!!!”

While it may sound humorous to those who are tutored in the field of philosophy, but what about those who are convinced of it? Is it funny to them, or us, when they genuinely believe that nothing caused the universe? Honestly, I feel that it is immensely dangerous, especially to the church, when someone like Krauss and/or Dawkins continue to propagate such a dangerous view of the beginning of the universe. Why is it dangerous? The danger comes from the contradiction of truth, which facilitates a decline in the Christian faith. These are dangerous ideas because they are false and are being popularized by highly credentialed scholars that have the power of persuasion over the ignorant.

I’m phrasing my article rather candidly. Not every article is going to be slathered in rainbows and pixy dust. Even atheists are becoming disenthralled with the initial love affair they had with Richard Dawkins, as well as the other New Atheists. Below is a video of an interview with prominent atheist philosopher Michael Ruse where he explains his dissatisfaction with Richard Dawkins.

However, there is no surprise that serious scholars would react in disgust to the shoddy academic material produced by Dawkins. Personally, when I read “The God Delusion” written by Dawkins, I was disgusted that a publishing company would actually publish a book with such ludicrous material contained within it. With that aside, his inability to get his story straight between “nothing” and “something” (mysterious mind you) is absolutely mind boggling to those on the side of theism (and maybe even atheism) when it comes to having a serious dialogue on this topic. The world’s leading Christian apologist William Lane Craig has extended multiple offers for debate on this matter and has been rejected because Dawkins “doesn’t have time to debate creationists” (video below).

In closing, I’d like to clarify one thing. “Nothing” means “no thing”. Nothing doesn’t have the power to create something because nothing doesn’t have properties that would enable it to create something. Maybe it takes a non-academic to see through the absurdity because they have not yet been indoctrinated by such counterintuitive and fallacious ideas. Last thing, keep Dawkins in prayer. While he may not accept any arguments from any theist because he has ideologically closed himself off, but God may work on his heart behind the scenes.


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