My Little Ministry

The Worldview of Jesus blog has been in hibernation for quite some time. As the author, I’ve found myself spread too thin. Between family, work, and other extra-curriculars, I set aside my writing on this blog. However, I found great enjoyment in blogging about Christian apologetics. At the height of my blog, I received tens of thousands of views annually. Compared to other mainstream blogs, that’s not a huge viewership, but I was happy knowing that I was exposing many people to Christ through my tiny apologetics ministry.  

Over the years since I stopped writing, I wrote about conservative politics, which is another passion I have. However, I didn’t love it. Politics is a negative business, yet it is interested in all of us regardless of whether we’re interested in it. I ultimately found myself exhausted and taxed by the endlessly deep cycle of political commentating. While my political insights were well-received, they were only well-received because I had spent many years working out my comprehensive Christian worldview.

My Christian worldview is the bedrock for my analysis, which grants me insights into Christian apologetics and the culture. I hope to touch on both more frequently on this blog moving forward. In addition, I hope to revive my tiny apologetics ministry and prayerfully guide people down the path of better understanding their faith.

J Warner Wallace, a mentor of mine and many other Christian apologists, famously says, “The impact of a single “million-dollar apologist” will not change our culture as powerfully as the impact of a million “one dollar apologists.” I pray God will use this website for His glory and speak into the lives of as many as possible.


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