Dr. Craig Hazen Lecture Reviews

In full support of my friend and fellow apologist Mikel Del Rosario (AKA Apologetics Guy), I’ve reviewed two lectures that he is selling on his website, http://www.apologeticsguy.com/, that were given by Dr. Craig Hazen at a Christian apologetics conference. These lectures are being sold for $1.99/each. I would strongly encourage everyone to consider purchasing these lectures as they contain valuable information for a deeper insight into the Christian worldview and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The two lectures I reviewed are titled, “The Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief” and “The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus”. I’ve included them below along with their respective URLs.

“The Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief” – Review


This topic is very important in a modern day secular society because many skeptics are under the false impression that NO faith is founded in any objective evidence. While this may be the impression among society, Dr. Hazen is acutely in tune with the fact that it is a completely invalid assertion without any evidential basis. 

Dr. Hazen has earned his doctorate from the University of California in religious studies. That essentially means that he has a vast amount of knowledge on Christianity as well most other religions around the globe. His knowledge on topics of religion contains the solid foundation of scholarship necessary to validate the claim that you can be “certain of Christ in an age of unbelief”.

 While I want to review the lecture, not summarize it, I do want to bring to attention some of the key points that I found to be the most beneficial for a listener of belief or of non-belief.  Anyone who is planning on listening to this lecture can be certain that they’re going to be entertained.  Dr. Hazen is not only informative but also an entertaining speaker.  During the lecture, he has multiple stories that are comical and really keep your attention while maintaining focused on the topic of the lecture.  Dr. Hazen is certainly a breath of fresh air in comparison to many other academics.

While the lecture was entertaining and comical, Dr. Hazen has a passion for Christ that is exemplified through his delivery and speech.  It shows that he loves Christ and that he has spent his entire life examining this subject matter in order to know Christ at a deeper level.  When he was reflecting on the solid evidence for Christianity, he said, “I can’t NOT believe in God”.  His certainty in the fact that Jesus Christ existed, died, and resurrected for our sins is without dispute.  However, he doesn’t do so on blind faith.  He gives the reasons for how Christians can know with certainty that Christianity is the right answer that makes the best sense out of the information that we have today.

In conclusion, I would encourage anyone to listen to this lecture from Dr. Hazen because he provides a perspective that is rather unique because he is speaking from a “world religions” perspective.  He has investigated religion thoroughly and has the qualifications necessary to make a reliable judgment on their historicity.  In addition, I’d like to make a note for those on a spiritual journey; this lecture is particularly aimed at you.  Personally, Dr. Hazen is the guy I would want to sit down and speak with if I was an individual searching for Christ.

“Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus” – Review

If you’ve never been presented with factual evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this is an excellent introduction. Dr. Craig Hazen is one of the best Christian apologists when it comes to speaking to the average layperson. He speaks in a manner that anyone can understand and he does so in a humorous and informative manner. When listening to this lecture, I would venture to say that you’ll be both informed and entertained.

Dr. Hazen tells stories of his past experiences in dealing with secular students and how they react once presented with objective evidence of the resurrection hypothesis. He told a story about giving a lecture on the evidence for the resurrection of Christ to UCLA medical students that was hysterical. His delivery is impeccable. However, more importantly, he described how receptive these medical students were to hearing the evidentially based argument for the resurrection.

He uses a method of communicating the evidence for the resurrection called “the side door”, and he described it as taking accepted truths from the harshest critics of the resurrection and evidentially supporting the resurrection by using this information acquired by skeptics to combat their own skepticism. He did so by gathering twelve facts that are accepted by believer and non-believer alike and uses them to build the case for the resurrection. Below are the twelve facts:
1)     Jesus died by crucifixion
2)     Jesus was buried
3)     Jesus’ death caused the disciples to despair and lose hope under the belief that their leader was dead
4)     The tomb was discovered empty a few days later
5)     The disciples had experiences that are believed to be experiences  of Jesus alive
6)     The disciples were transformed from doubters who were afraid to identify with Jesus to bold proclaimers of Jesus’ death and resurrection
7)     The resurrection message was the center of preaching in the early church
8)     This resurrection message was proclaimed in Jerusalem where Jesus died and was buried
9)     As a result of this preaching, the church was born and grew
10)Sunday became the primary day of worship
11)James, a skeptic, converted to Christianity
12)Paul, a skeptic and persecutor of Christianity, converted to Christianity
What theory best fits the cumulative data?  Dr. Hazen does an amazing job of communicating how the resurrection hypothesis is the best hypothesis that makes the most sense out of the 12 facts that are believed by a majority of all scholars. I would strongly encourage the purchase of this lecture to get a deeper look into what Dr. Hazen says regarding each of these points.

Dr. Hazen highlights why this topic is so important by having us view 1 Corinthians 15, “But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?  If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith”. Our faith is useless without the resurrection of Jesus.

I’d encourage anyone to purchase this lecture as it will be a valuable resource for those that want a deeper understanding of the resurrection of Christ. Of all the apologists that I know of, I can say that Dr. Hazen communicates the most effectively to those wanting to become familiarized with Christ at a lay level because of his comedic and comfortable style of communication and his abundant knowledge and love of God. To all who seek God shall find him. Let this lecture help you in your path to a greater understanding of our Lord.

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  1. Hi, Alan. Thanks for doing these reviews. This year, I’ve decided to give away free access to the MP3s & videos of these talk and both weekend events! I don’t have your e-mail anymore, so I tried to contact you on Facebook and I think I also submitted this comment on the wrong page of your blog. In any case, please update your links. Thanks! http://www.apologeticsguy.com/media/

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