Caucus for Christ

Ted Cruz has won the first caucus and has given the American people (at least rational minded people) hope that Conservatives aren’t just a bunch of wack-jobs who blindly follow any irrational loudmouth hairpiece that steps into our line of sight. The truth is that evangelical Christians (largely conservatives) could be part and parcel to the success of a presidential candidate if we choose to vote. Our country was founded on a strong Judeo-Christian foundation, none of which anyone expected would deteriorate as quickly as it has. Our Christian heritage includes life truths that have sustained America through the hardest times it ever had to endure. Since the founding fathers adamantly revered these God given rights and liberties and risked their life to make sure they were the founding principles of this new country, it’s important that we embody their passion in our quest to keep America a place where all people can feel the same sense of freedom and liberty.

Of the top five GOP candidates, I truly believe that four of them are devout Christians. Those are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul. These are men with differing political views on how to best recover from a damaging Obama administration, but their faith unites them as brothers in Christ. They’ve all inferred, and sometimes stated verbatim, that they are a Christian first and an American second. That’s what every Christian should expect out of their president. Those GOP candidates who make these types of comments understand the negative “politically incorrect” implications of making such a grandiose statement in a public forum. These men seem to throw political correctness out the window because they refuse to be muzzled by the PC police and appreciate what our veterans fought and died for over the centuries, which is our freedom of speech (i.e. Constitution)

While I prefer some candidates over others due to policy issues, I am tremendously happy that Cruz was able to overcome the reality television-esque campaign Trump has been running and reach people who wish to take the future of our nation seriously with a serious candidate. That’s why Cruz, Rubio, and Paul did so well. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to “We the People.” As Ben Carson rightly noted earlier this week, there is no inherent incompatibility between the Constitution and Christianity. He’s absolutely correct. None of the founding fathers would have agreed to something that contradicted with their worldview. They worked too hard and fought to hard to agree to something that didn’t align with their worldview. However, that is also why they didn’t want to institute legislation forcing others to agree with them either. God gave us the freedom to choose to accept or reject him. That’s why the first amendment is tremendously significant. God loves us so much that he gave us a choice. The founding fathers followed suit because they acknowledged that God values liberty.

As a Christian who follows these events closely, I encourage all voters to vote for a candidate with will embody the Christian worldview, because it is absolutely consistent with a Constitutional approach to government. I encourage you, when you’re opportunity arises, caucus for Christ. Pray for the wisdom in making this decision, because it is vitally important that we place an individual in office that can perform this job in a way to lead this amazing nation in a Christlike fashion. Otherwise, we’ll just end up on a worse situation than we find ourselves in now.


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